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DIADISCO is a performance event I organize in collaboration with Bert Hana. More images and playlist here.

With our vast collection of 8mm films and dia slides we cover any party or event with purely analogue visuals.

These carefully selected, high quality images are an alternative to the usual excess of quick imagery surrounding us. The simplicity and intelligibility of the equipment heightens the atmosphere of the presentation. The live mixing of our analogue material to the DJset of a dance party gives a unique touch to it and will (re-)introduce the slide and 8mm film to a large (digital influenced) audience.

With dialoog alongside we stimulate the exchange of thoughts amongst people who are as interested as we are in the analogue. By featuring a small scale dialoog exhibition before a DIADISCO event, we also encourage the party people to come beforehand and to discover the world of analogue film and photoworks. Above all, we want to cherish great works of art celebrating the analogue and keeping it alive in a digital context.


DIADISCO @ &Foam 03/05/2013
DIADISCO @ Fotohal 20/09/13