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And so you grow (production title Naughty Kids), 2013
exhibition and performance for children 8+

collaborative project with Thabi Mooi (theatre director), Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn (writer) and Simone Hogendijk (dramaturge) in assignment of youth theatre company Bonte Hond.

For this project writer Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn, theatre director Thabi Mooi and photographer Dagmar van Wersch went to different primary schools in Almere to give workshops about identity. By interviewing eight 11-year-olds and collecting photos they took of their own interests and environments, the makers dived deeper into this theme. Based on the gathered documentation they created an exhibition and theatre play for children. Both of which tour to schools and arts centre Corrosia in Almere and theatre de Krakeling in Amsterdam.

The exhibition, in the shape of a maze, leads us through word and image to look into the personal place of each childhood. We are offered an intimate encounter with their personal experience, their dreams and to what they hold as important. Via roller coasters, hobbies and cherished rabbits, we enter further into the minds and imaginations of the children. Poetic thoughts, stories and secrets pass us by as we finally arrive at a vision of the future.

exhibition text: Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn
exhibition construction: Maurice Bogaert